Foundation for Freedom, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and District Targówek invite you to the Sculpture Park Bródno for the 12th edition of the football project Etnoliga.
Your skin color, sexual orientation and religion do not matter on the pitch. Speed, pass and shot matter. You will witness that during cross-cultural football tournament that starts on 16 July in the Sculpture Park in Warsaw.

Krzysztof Jarymowicz, project coordinator, says:

Nowadays we often hear about the crisis of multi-culti policy. Etnoliga shows how to make such a policy effectively, how to build common values and relationships between people brought up in different cultures. Through sport we release good energy, but also we fight against discrimination in the sport: in access to infrastructure, in fans’ culture and in media. The same applies to gender equality. We only start to discover women’s football in Poland while in Etnoliga girls have been playing from the beginning. Very few then, and several dozen now.

Football is a passion that unites people, and the pitch is like a sports agora. Therefore, the project is managed democratically, and our actions go beyond the game itself. Etnoliga is a kind of urban experiment. A mobile experiment as every season we move to another district and encourage local communities to have fun and make unobvious frienships.

Etnoliga in Bródno

This time the league will take place at Bródno Park and become a part of the eighth edition of the Sculpture Park called “The citizens of Bródno”: inhabitants will work on the monument – a self-portrait. Bródno is a very diverse district where sport is important part of life for many residents.

Etnoliga is for 8-12-person amateur teams of adults (16+). Each team must have at least 3 men and 3 women, and players of at least 3 nationalities. The cal for individuals and teams is open until 8 July. Each team will host one round and prepare ist presentation. Addtional workshops on anti-discrimination are planned, too. The organizers provide referees, technical and medical support. A detailed schedule and rules will be agreed on the captain’s meeting before the start of the league.

When ?

8 consecutive Saturdays from 16 July to 3 September 2016, at. 10-16

Where ?

Park Bródnowski, 11 Wyszogrodzka Street, Warsaw-Targówek, the pitch surface type carpet, goals for handball (2 × 3 m)


Bus 114, 126 (Wyszogrodzka Street), 145, 169, 227, 732 (Kondratowicza Street)
Tram 1, 3, 4, 25, 41 (Rembielińska Street)

Tournament system

Round robin or a mixed round robin and cup system (depending on the number of teams)


Teams up to 8 July and individuals through online form

About Sculpture Park Bródno



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