Etnoliga 23

26 September – 5 December 2021
Sundays: 10 am – 6 pm
Sports Hall
ul. Jagiellońska 7, Praga Północ, Warsaw – Poland

Team applications until 19 September
We play 6 aside (5 + goalie), at least 2 women on the pitch
Free of charge. Refundable deposit of 500 PLN: after the first walkover team loses 250 PLN, after the second walkover team loses the whole deposit and is disqualified from the tournament
Off-pitch mandatory tasks for the teams will be set before the start
Individual applications: Contact us

Etnoliga 23 is organised by the Foundation for Freedom.
Honorary Patronage of the Mayor of Warsaw.
The tournament is carried out as part of the re-granting competition of the project ‘I Am European: Migration Stories & Facts for the 21st Century’ financed by the European Union. Center for Citizenship Education acts as a partner organization of the consortium implementing the project and organizing the competition in Poland. Neither European Commission nor the Center for Citizenship Education are responsible for the content of the this page, which expresses the views of its authors only.
The project is carried out in frames of the Program ‘Aktywny Warszawiak’ and co-financed by the Capital City of Warsaw.

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