Here are our heroes!
In the #EtnoligaPlus series, we chose eight players who talk about our league from their perspective. They are not representative in any way, because everyone in the Etnoliga is different, everyone has their own history and point of view. Who are they, where do they come from, how did they end up in the Etnoliga? What do they do every day? Did football help them find their way in our country? Every two weeks, another hero and another story.

Boubacar Diallo: Say ‘hi’ to your new neighbour

Being a Muslim in Poland is not always easy, but this Senegalese athlete has found his own way.

Laura Amador: It’s about being yourself

Volleyball, surfing, tennis, but most of all football. Is it easy for a Portuguese girl to develop her sports passions and career in Poland?

Omar Khlifi: We are one team

One of the most recognizable and cheerful characters of Etnoliga tells about his heart divided between Poland and Morocco. Discover the bright side of football with Omar.

Melanie Święcicka: One leg in Poland, one in the US, both in Etnoliga

Co-captain of Lobos tells about the roots of her cross-cultural team and explains how Etnoliga teaches respect between men and women in practice.

Horacio Flores: In Poland I feel at home

Etnoliga’s top scorer explains the life in Poland and his passion for football. Discover our cross-cultural league from the perspective of a Mexican who fell in love with Polish girl and has set up his second home here.

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