Basic regulations

The Tournament is organised by the Foundation for Freedom with its seat at Warsaw, Angorska St. 19/U-1.

The tournament is free of charge.

Teams must consist of minimum of 10 players of at least 3 nationalities and at least 3 women. Extra players can sign up utill the end of the round-robin phase.

Depending on the number of teams the league is played with a round-robin system, or mixed round-robin and elimination tournament. Match duration, overtimes, penalties, extra points, additional activities rules and scoring system are set up together by the organiser and representatives of the teams before each season.

Sliding-tackles are prohibited. Each sliding-tackle will be penalized with a direct free-kick (a sliding-tackle in the penalty field will be penalized with a penalty-kick).

A direct free-kick is awarded to a team for a hand-play or any foul.

An indirect free-kick is awarded to a team for: wasting time, dangerous tackling, double play by the same player according to the rules of football.

The number of substitutions allowed during a match is unlimited. Substitutions should be made in a designated zone of the pitch. Substitutions of goalkeepers should be reported to the referee beforehand.

Yellow card (3 minutes exclusion) is given to a player who behaves unsportsmanlike, persistently violates the rules, does not keep the required distance from the ball during free kick, uses bad language, commits a major foul.

A player is penalized with a red card for: committing a flagrant foul, insulting or spitting on another person, using offensive language, making offensive gestures or is reprimanded two times during one match. The penalized player cannot come back to play (a referee can decide on additional penalty) and cannot be replaced with another player in the same match.

Players may change teams only once during the whole tournament and only in the round-robin phase.

Points: 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss.

The organiser does not insure participants and is not responsible for any consequences of possible accidents, particularly injuries resulting from the matches, theft or destruction of personal belongings during the tournament.

Participants agree to the use of their images (photos, videos) for the implementation and promotion of the project.

Any contentious issues are to be decided by the organiser in consultation with the referee and team captains and its decisions are definitive.

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