19 Febrary 2021
11 am – 4 pm
Pitch ‘Syrenka’, Park Olszyna, Warsaw – Bielany

The turnament aims to integrate refugees with the communities of AKS ZŁY and ETNOLIGA.

Many of us not only play and cheer, but also support people in need in various ways. We care about refugees, and migrants have always been part of our communities. We came up with this tournament primarily for people who have recently come to Poland, including Afghans the ‘Linin’ center for foreigners near Warsaw.

We do not accept entire teams. You can register 1 to 4 people, and if you sign up more than 2 people there must be at least 1 woman among them. On February 16, we will connect all individuals and groups into 8-10-person teams (max. 6 teams).

Sign ups via the online form below until February 14 or until there are places available. The application is approved after paying a fee of PLN 20 for each person to the bank account of Fundacja dla Wolności no. PL69 2130 0004 2001 0456 9679 0011.

  • Tournament for adults (16+)
  • The pitch is under the air dome (the so-called “balloon”)
  • We play 7 people aside (goalkeeper + 6 in the field)
  • We provide referees, medical support and water
  • Planned game system: league (peer-to-peer), matches of 15 minutes
  • A detailed schedule and regulations will be published before the event

The pitch courtesy of Centrum Rekracyjno-Sportowe Bielany